Domaine du Château de Sassenage


The Chateau de Sassenage, built between 1662 and 1669 by the wealthy Béranger-Sassenage family, stands as a magnificent example of the 17th century French architecture. As such, it has managed to preserve the characteristic identity of each of its living areas.

The Château de Sassenage estate (a national landmark) is composed of a 17th century castle and a majestic 8 hectare parc.
Built between 1662 and 1669 by the baron Charles Louis Alphonse de Sassenage, this castle is the last home of the Bérenger-Sassenage family. Beautiful example of classical french architecture, its exceptional collections of well-preserved period furniture still stands as a true witness of the lifestyle during the 17th and 18th centuries.
Several activities are proposed to discover on your own or with a group the Château de Sassenage estate an unravel its mysteries ! Guided tours are organized from February to December for individuals and all round year for groups.

Tramway ligne A, arrêt Fontaine La Poya (terminus), puis l'un des bus suivant :- Ligne Proximo 20 direction Veurey Mairie, arrêt Château - Ligne Flexo 50 direction Sassenage les Côtes, arrêt Château- Ligne Flexo 53 direction Noyarey parc des Biches, arrêt Château ou bus ligne 54, arrêt Château ou ligne Transisère 5100, arrêt Château


  •  Air conditioning
  •  Exhibition space
  •  Coach parking
  •  Coach access
  •  Wi-fi

Business information


  • Maximun capacity 600 person (s)
  • Equipped meeting rooms quantity 6


  •   Chair
  •   Screen
  •   Microphone
  •   Paper board
  •   Table
  •   High bar
  •   Round table
  •   Rectangular table
  •   Video projector
  •   Wifi in room
  •   Air conditioning
  •   Concert/events
  •   Convention
  •   Family Reception/drinks reception
  •   Exhibition/trade fair
  •   Seminar/meeting
  •   Cold room
  •   Restaurant in the close vicinity
  •   Appointed caterer
  •   Accommodation in the close vicinity

Meetings rooms

Salle des Etats - Château

Laissez vous charmer par cette salle aux décors datant du 17ème siècle. Cette pièce traversante de 130m2 dispose d'une magnifique lumière naturelle et d'un accès direct au Parc. Elle est aménageable selon différentes configurations. En fonction de votre événement nous pouvons équiper la salle de vidéo-projecteur, écran, sonorisation…

180 person(s)
130 m2
4 m
Natural light

Classroom room
49 places
Theatre style
80 places
36 places
110 places
180 places