Espace Vertical 4 Saint Martin d'Hères


1700m² climbing gym, with over 300 routes from beginner to expert, 15-meter-high walls, an initiation area, 1 speed route and 6 automatic belayers.

The routes are suitable for all climbers, with profiles alternating between slabs and overhangs.
There are multiple openings, for all sizes, on volumes, macro-holds or small classic holds, so you can practice all styles of climbing.

Climbing lessons are available through the Cordéo instructors' office. Ropes, shoes and personal equipment are available for hire on site.
Sweet snacks and drinks for sale on site.

Tram D/Maison Communale
Tram B/Les Taillées
Tram C/Neyrpic Belledonne


  •   Dining area
  •   Accommodation in the close vicinity