Services ( Events / Travel )


COM.MOD offers digital animations to modernize and energize any type of event.

COMMOD was created in 2006 in the Drôme region of France by a team of software and digital services professionals.

Our activities revolve around three complementary areas:
- Digital entertainment for professional and private events
- Software engineering and digital services
- Virtual Reality for training and industry

From SMS-based interactivity (voting, quizzes, Q&A) to the rental of PhotoBooth, Videobooth 360 or KaraokeBooth kiosks, not forgetting Virtual Reality, we offer a full range of digital animations for all types of professional or private events (company parties, symposia, trade fairs, inaugurations, conventions, weddings, birthdays, EVJF or EVJH, christenings, etc.).

We are based in Alixan, Crest, Montélimar and Voreppe.

Discover all our activities on our website.