Bump Games


Come and discover an original concept in mobile multi-activity: Bubble Bump - Archery Bump - Laser Bump. Discover our versions of soccer, archery and laser bumping.

Whether you're young or old, with friends, family, work colleagues or an EVC, come and try the Bump Games experience! All our sessions take place in a safe environment, with protective equipment, so you can enjoy intense, laugh-out-loud activities with your family or friends.

Fun with Bubble Bump
A game of soccer in open bubbles without bubbling - that's what's in store for you with this air-filled and unusual game of soccer!
You don't have to be a football expert to enjoy the game. Each player in his own bubble, the game is played indoors, with a referee on hand to supervise the 2 teams.
For even more fun, the referee can take along a camera to film your exploits and take them home as souvenirs! So, ready to Bump?

Thrills and spills with Laser Bump
Experience a thrill worthy of your favorite video games with Laser Bump! Equipped with laser rifles, become a soldier, a sniper or a battle royale... It's up to you. Laser Bump can be played anywhere, indoors or outdoors, and all scenarios are possible at home, in your office, in an unusual location or in one of our centers.

Great fun with Archery Bump
Are you inspired by Robin Hood? Good, because with Archery Bump, you can hit the bull's-eye too!
The rule is simple: the winning team is the one that eliminates all the players or scores the most points by hitting the designated targets.
Rest assured, Archery Bump is played in a safe environment, accompanied by a referee. The arrows are foam-tipped, so there's only one thing to think about: having fun in a different way! Come on, add some fun to your bow!