ARCHIBALD le Traiteur Bistroteur

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A new generation caterer and with his trade at his fingertips, Archibald also prepares and delivers meal trays, aperitifs, cocktails and buffets. Reliable and Original!

But who is Archibald? Let's tell you everything: Archibald is a caterer with his trade at his fingertips who puts his apron on to satisfy his clients. A caterer of the new generation, he will pamper you with exquisite meal trays and delicious snack formulas, aperitifs or buffets. His "bistroteurs", true professionals always keen on speaking about their products, will orchestrate the show!
A caterer, therefore, but not like any other caterer… Archibald is a bistroteur who only swears by bistro cuisine with fresh seasonal products from home. He will trot to your event to bring his logistics and savoir-faire. His creators have a long experience in company events and in reception catering, with passion and pleasure on top. Deeply attached to the fundamentals of cuisine, they offer the right recipes, with conviviality and taste. Reliable and Original!