Casemate Lesdiguières - La Bastille


The Fort of the Bastille, as well as its rooms opening on mountainous and urban panoramas, is a spectacular place for all your events of companies.

The Room Lesdiguières is a magnificent room bent in freestones dating the XIXth century. Situated on the high part of the fort, it possesses wide plate glass windows which open to the South on the massif of Vercors. With its particular configuration, three spaces separated by two central pillars, it lends itself ideally to all the configurations of work and reception: conference, training, group work …
Accessible to the people with reduced mobility, it can contain up to 80 people in conference. In the evening it turns out to be a very appreciated place, for the cocktails of company or gala evening because it can welcome up to 300 people up and 120 people sat in configurations to have dinner.
The room Dutrievoz can as for it welcome up to 500 people up or up to 250 seated people.
Rooms are rented with their furniture. Reception packages, security and cleaning will be proposed. The choice of the persons receiving benefits remains free in both spaces! For the transport in cable car of the participants, packages will be proposed, including for night-openings.

Accès piéton ou téléphérique depuis Grenoble et voiture depuis la mairie de La Tronche.


  •  Parking
  •  Coach access
  •  Wi-fi

Business information


  • Maximun capacity 300 person (s)
  • Equipped meeting rooms quantity1


  •   Chair
  •   Screen
  •   Microphone
  •   Table
  •   High bar
  •   Round table
  •   Rectangular table
  •   Video projector
  •   Wifi in room
  •   Family Reception/drinks reception
  •   Exhibition/trade fair
  •   Seminar/meeting
  •   Restaurant on site
  •   Restaurant in the close vicinity
  •   Free choice of caterer

Meetings rooms

Salle Lesdiguières

Salle LESDIGUIERES - Fort de la Bastille La salle de 225m2 est située au 2nd étage de la forteresse et dispose d'une terrasse de 98m2 ouverte sur le polygone scientifique et face au Vercors. Elle est constituée de trois espaces voûtés communicants et séparés par des piliers centraux, et peut accueillir 120 personnes assises et 300 debout.

300 person(s)
225 m2
Natural light

Classroom room
32 places
Theatre style
80 places
36 places
120 places
300 places




Fort de la Bastille

38100 Grenoble