The Chartreuse Cellars

Company open to the public ( Food industry / Distillery )


in Voiron, approach the mystery about the liquor, smell the aromas of the 130 plants and spices and discover the longest liquor cellar in the world.

Since 1084, the Cartusian monks are living in the Chartreuse mountain. They have always worked in order to be self-sufficient. Nowadays and since 1605, a father and a brother have elaborated the well-known Chartreuse liquors.

Classic visit with a historical exhibition and a guided tour in the cellars to learn more about the elaboration of the liquors. At the end of the tour you will enjoy a tasting.

A special tour is also available in English by reservation. Follow our know-how in the heart of our production site. This private tour ends with an in-depth tasting session, for a guaranteed unforgettably authentic experience.

A 5 mInutes des gares routière et ferrovière.

Business information


  • Maximun capacity 150 person (s)
  • Equipped meeting rooms quantity2
  • Adjustable rooms quantity1


  •   Chair
  •   Screen
  •   Paper board
  •   Table
  •   Rectangular table
  •   Video projector
  •   Family Reception/drinks reception
  •   Seminar/meeting
  •   Restaurant in the close vicinity
  •   Free choice of caterer

Meetings rooms

Salle de projection

80 person(s)

Theatre style
80 places




10 boulevard Edgar Kofler

38500 Voiron